California Daylighting Symposium 2019

Dan Glaser, LightStanza founder, spoke at the 2019 Daylighting Symposium put on by the California Investor-Owned Utilities, in partnership with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Daylight Management Council this past week in Sacramento, California.

The symposium brought together a diverse group to explore daylight management solutions that address glare mitigating through the design, evaluation, application, and operation of manual, passive, or automated systems. A portion of the symposium facilitated discussion around building codes for better daylight solutions.

Dan’s talk was focused on “Predicting the Performance of Glare Management Systems to Inform Design”.

3 takeaways from the conference:

  1. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, but our bodies evolved outdoors. We need to design daylight into buildings
  2. Improved daylight metrics should be in the ‘Energy Efficiency Section’ of Title 24 along with indoor air quality. We need to create building systems that provide fresh air and an abundance of light
  3. A diverse, smart group of people are working on this problem including the State of California, investor-owned utilities, product manufacturers, scientists, small businesses, architects, and many others

Hopefully, we will see some good changes updates made to daylight building codes in the years to come.