Design and Networking in Denver with LightStanza

It is always an adventure when the LightStanza team heads next door to Denver, and the two most recent trips did not disappoint! 

First, Kelsey, Sydney, and Dan carefully packed their “paper computer” and headed to leading green firms in the Denver area. Kelsey and Sydney had spent weeks designing and building a “paper computer prototype” of the LightStanza software with a major focus on user experience, and it was time to put it to the test. Once they were in Denver, they set it up and took notes as volunteers at the firms they visited “used” the paper computer, making it clear what could use improvement and what worked well. 

Kelsey Hanzlik, who skillfully crafted the paper prototype, had this to say about the process: “I loved the chance to try my hand at something I hadn’t done before, and it was awesome collaborating with clients to build something we are confident in.” Dan Glaser commented, “Paper is a great medium for developing great UX.” 

This process had a huge impact on the user-centric design of the software, and the team looks forward to transforming it from paper into a new and improved LightStanza interface! 

Later in the month, Dan and Sydney headed back to the RiNO district of Denver to catch up with some friends at architectural firms in the area. As always, the artwork that surrounded them was too great to ignore!