LEED V4 Daylight Metrics and LightStanza: Daylight in the Cloud (Webinar)

Friday May 8, 2015
12:30 – 2:30 pm MT 

From the comfort of your own office (because it’s a webinar) 

This webinar was hosted by our very own Dr. Daniel Glaser. 

The first half was about the LEED v4 Daylight Credit (EQc7) and the new metrics that it is scored with, Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE) and Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA). We discussed its strengths, limitations, assumptions and controversy over ASE and sDA. This included why annual metrics are necessary, what the metrics mean in terms of daylight design, what qualities of daylighting the metrics miss, and how blinds affect the score and experience of daylight. We compared the new metrics with established annual metrics such as Daylight Autonomy and Useful Daylight Illuminance. The seminar went beyond reciting formulas to helping you define metrics in meaningful terms you can visualize, understand and use in your every-day practice. 

In the second half we introduced LightStanza, an innovative cloud-based daylighting simulation software powered by Radiance. It allows users to change materials and orientations in a flexible Web Application. Topics included model upload, running simulations, generating visual scores and reports, renderings, annual metrics and glare analysis, and LEED documentation. 

To watch this webinar on demand, click here and choose number 8.