Tutorial Videos – Electric LightStanza

Electric LightStanza Tutorial Videos

The videos in this section provide instructions on basic tasks in Electric LightStanza. Please email support@lightstanza.com if you have any questions.

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Introductory Videos

Quick Workflow 1: Fixtures placed in Revit

Quick Workflow 3: Creating Geometry & Adding Fixtures in LightStanza

Quick Workflow 5: Saving an .lsd File in Revit

Introduction to Electric LightStanza

IES Management

Adding and Managing IES Files

IES File Proration Factor


Normal Lighting Calculation

Cloud Calculations

Creating Lighting Layouts

Placing Fixtures in 2D

Lighting Layouts Using a DXF Import

Quick Workflow 2: Fixtures placed in Electric LightStanza

Quick Workflow 4: SketchUp (Rhino & ArchiCAD follow a similar workflow)

LightStanza plugin for Revit

IES Library

Luminaire Manager and Library

Emergency Lighting Calculation

Generating Automatic Lighting Layouts