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Revit Model not Exporting to LightStanza  



When I click "Export to LS" the dialog box opens with the export options.  When I click "Ok," nothing happens.  I tested another Revit model and it exported properly.  So, I believe it has something to do with this specific file.  The Revit file was originally imported from an IFC file - maybe that could be related.  However, I was previously able to export this model to LightStanza using an older version of the LS Plugin.  Does anyone know why this may be happening?

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Hi David,
Sorry you're having issues getting your model to export.  Can you confirm which version of the Revit plugin you're using?  Are you able to share the Revit file with us at so we can take a look?

- Josh N., LightStanza Software Engineer


I upgraded to version 5.0.3 and the model still isn't uploading. I just sent the Revit model via E-mail. Thanks!