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Why isn't my SketchUp Model uploading?  



If you are having trouble/receiving errors uploading your SketchUp Model, these tips might help while we take a closer look!

Note that LightStanza now has a SketchUp Extension for faster and more reliable uploads! Download it from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

1. Check Scale

   - Make sure the scale of your model is correct before uploading. 

2. Make sure all components are exploded

   - Components that are not exploded will sometimes create errors while uploading. 

3. Make sure all grouped items are on the same layer.

4. Hidden Geometry 

   - Hidden Geometry/Objects will either load successfully into your model creating undesired results or will cause your model upload to fail completely. Delete hidden geometry before uploading. 

5. Images

   - Do not include images in the model you wish you upload.

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