Tutorial Videos – LightStanza for Daylight

LightStanza Tutorial Videos

The videos in this section provide instructions on basic tasks in LightStanza. Please email support@lightstanza.com if you have any questions.

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Upload a Model

Commenting in LightStanza

Run Bulk Simulations in LightStanza

Use the Viewpoints Panel

Use the Materials Panel

Use the Layers Panel

Simulate a Rendering/Animation

Simulate Annual Grid Illuminance

Share Results

View Renderings and Use Camera Tools

Navigate the 3D Viewer

How to Work with Multiple Design Options in LightStanza

Use the Comparison Tool in LightStanza

Use the Illuminance Grids Panel

Use the Blinds Panel

Use the Site Panel

Simulate Point-in-Time Grid Illuminance

Simulate a LEED Scorecard

Download Results