LightStanza Pricing
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Annual Subscription:

(Unlimited users + 1 Calc Engine)

$1,500 $750/year

 Additional Calc Engines:
+ $1,500 $750/Engine/year

Benefits of LightStanza versus Multi-User Subscriptions

Everyone in your company can simultaneously:

LightStanza Subscription
Multi-User Subscription

Be Logged into the Software

Work on Lighting Layouts

Start or Queue Calculations

Use more than one Calc Engine at a time

View, Comment, and Collaborate on Each Other’s Project Work

How Calc Engines Work

What is a Calc Engine?

Calc engines are fast, capable, and reliable servers for running your lighting calculations 

Calc engines live in the cloud, freeing up your local computer

When your calc engines are busy, a queue will keep track of your jobs and run them as soon as they are available

Companies with multiple users and power-users will want to buy multiple calculation engines to work most efficiently

  • Prices are for both Electric and Daylight Capabilities
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not totally satisfied with our solution, we will refund your purchase in its entirety.  Please let us know how you feel before then and we will do our best to accommodate your concerns, that’s part of our company’s ethos!
  • *Limited time discount for new customers