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How To: LBNL Window to LightStanza for Detailed Glazing  



I think this is something that can be done, but having some trouble figuring out the proper steps.. I'd like to create a couple detailed glazing systems in LBNL Window 7.7 software, export the systems, and import into LightStanza to assign to glazing for my project.


In Window, what is the proper object/library to use? I am assuming either "window" or "glazing system", or possibly "glass".

How to export/save-as BSDF from Window?

If I do those things right, I'm assuming I can go to the Materials menu in LightStanza, then Uploaded BSDF Library and then Upload New .xml File.. Is that right?

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Hey Greg,


Yes, you have the process correct.  In LBNL Window 7.7 you would go ahead and create a "Glazing System" (since the mullions will be pulled from the architectural model in Revit, Rhino, SketchUp).  From the Glazing System area in Window 7.7 you can click on "Radiance" to export the bsdf file, which will be in .xml format.  I don't believe Window 7.7 tell you where it puts it, but in my installation I can find the .xml file in C:\Users\Public\LBNL\Window7.7\BSDFs

Then in LightStanza's material library you can upload a BSDF .xml file from that folder into your "uploaded BSDF" library which then  you can apply to this or any of your other projects.  Then you can paint it on the surfaces you want, or assign it by layer.


Yep, that worked great. I also found a good "how to" on LBNL's website that details the "export" steps well.