LightStanza for Daylight:

Technical Daylight Calculations

It shouldn’t be a headache to achieve superior daylighting in all of your projectS

LightStanza is simple to use, but does not oversimplify daylight solutions 

Working in your internet browser, LightStanza runs on the validated Radiance engine and handles complicated calculations with ease

Fast, Reliable Daylight Calculations

LightStanza is a validated daylight simulation tool

It is the fastest RADIANCE-based calculation engine

Simple workflows, with custom control for experts

Customize Radiance parameters for any analysis you want to run

Find Glare Automatically!

Identify the time and location of the worst glare in a single click

Easily compare glare mitigation strategies

Eliminate hours and days off your daylight design developments

What Set's LightStanza Apart?

LightStanza daylight simulation has been validated on real projects

Its accuracy allows design teams to achieve actual daylight benefits.

Accurate & Fast Calculations Make Compliance Easy

Download a one-click LEED v4 report card in minutes!

✓    The only software tool that follows IES LM-83 for accurate results

✓    sDA Calculation includes blinds for accurate results

✓    Submit printable forms to the USGBC


European Standard Compliance (prEN17037)​

✓  The only software tool on the market that can quickly and accurately compute a daylight report card which includes sDA with required daylight hours

Easier way to obtain WELL v2 prerequisites and credits

✓ ASE calculator helps you obtain:               L04: Glare Control

✓ sDA calculator helps you obtain:
       L01: Light Exposure & Education
       L05: Enhanced Daylight Access

Download raw data from LightStanza for compliance analysis for: 

  • BREAM Standard (Europe)
  • CHPS Standard (US) – Collaborative for High Performance Schools
  • EFA Daylight Design (UK) – Education Funding Agency 
  • Israeli Standard 5281 (Israel)
  • and many more..

Reach out to us for help on using Lightstanza to meet your specific standard by emailing

Understand How Real Products will Perform in Your Design

Easy to simulate electrochromic glass and automated blinds and shades

Simulate built-in name brand products and reach out directly to manufacturer reps with link of your design for questions

Flexibility to upload your own BSDF files for products not already incorporated

In-Depth Tutorials about LightStanza

A comprehensive 45 minute video highlighting LEED Daylight Analysis with LightStanza by Harshul Singhal (Senior Energy Engineer). This tutorial will explain how LightStanza can be used in conjunction with Sketchup and Rhino.

This 10 minute video shows LightStanza’s workflow with Revit. Harshul highlights LightStanza’s glare capabilities and the real time live-linking (3:35) between Revit and LightStanza.

"My favorite feature to date is the ability to test multiple concepts by turning on/off components, changing finishes and colors all within the LightStanza interface so you don't have to go back to the original model each time you want to test something new."
Leslie Lavin
Boulder Associates Architects

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